Why, you do need a wedding planner.

So, you have just got engaged. (Congratulations!)  And you start to look around here and there while searching for wedding inspirations, venues, dresses, and the wedding vendors of your choices. You make some research for wedding photographers, videographers, or catering teams on your special day. It’s clear they will be doing the work you cannot complete by yourself as the one getting married on that day. But this isn’t always the case when couples think about wedding planners.

Many brides have dreamed of the day they get married at the weddings that they planned by themselves. And that is absolutely fantastic! But before you decide not to hire a wedding planner and jump right into planning it by yourself, I’d like to share with you my personal opinions of why you need actually them.

  1. Wedding planners help you save your precious time and energy.

Weddings are the types of events with a very long to-do list (or checklist, or timeline). There are so many specific details in there that can easily make you feel overwhelmed, especially when you are the one in the spotlight. The last thing you want from planning your wedding is losing track of time and feeling exhausted from trying to put all the small tasks in place. Hiring a wedding planner can definitely save you from these nightmares. And you will have time and energy to do more important things that no one else can do for you, like spending quality time and celebrating with your families and friends.

  1. Wedding planners are the experts with all things wedding-related.

Imagine wanting a specific type of flowers in your bouquet but not sure what they are called. Or loving a specific shade of red and green for your wedding colors scheme, but, eh, do they really go by other names than just red and green? Hand these tasks to professional wedding planners. They know these special terms and all the details. They can help you communicate and ensure that you will get exactly what you need from other wedding vendors.

  1. Wedding planners help you source the perfect team.

One of the qualities that I really admire of wedding planners is their genuine connections. Many of them know each other and most of the wedding vendors available in the area. They know who is specialized in what. What you have to do is to tell them what you want. And let them take care of the rest. You can trust that the team they source is professional as they are in the game for a long time and often have experience working together.

  1. Wedding planners take away your stress. (Yes! They can really do that!).

Many couples who plan their own weddings can become so stressed when the date is getting closer. They find themselves stuck with questions like “Did I forget to book a car for my dad?” “Is my dress too long and loose?” “When will the cake arrive?” “How many sets of tableware do I really need?” and many more, while feeling exhausted instead of incredibly excited to tie the knot. Having a wedding planner means always knowing in the back of your mind that everything is being taken care of. You don’t have to go back and forth over your 10-pages checklists at all. Because someone will be doing this job for you and they are doing it professionally.

  1. Lastly, wedding planners can help wedding photographers like me capture the perfect moment.

Talking from a wedding photographer’s perspective, many wedding planners know A LOT about lighting and wedding details. They can help you keep track of the specific shots you would love to have and assist you with the timeline for a first look, family shots, and so much more. They can also coordinate with your photographer during the event to make sure you get that perfect moment captured. When you find the planner who can work well with your photographer, you know your wedding is going to be so perfect!

I hope these four reasons why you need a wedding planner can help you clarify the benefits of hiring them. Getting married is one of the bravest, biggest steps you take in your life. So please know that you and your partner deserve to enjoy this day the most.

I believe couples look their best in their weddings when they feel free and happy. By working with a wedding planner and a wedding photographer (that’s what I do!), we can help you create long-lasting moments you can cherish for the rest of your life. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact me.