Photography for you Newborn? This is what you need to do.

One of my absolute favorites is photographing newborns. You’re talking to the baby whisper here. Lol, that is what some of my clients called me.

Do I love it? Yeah! There is nothing more precious than having a newborn baby in my arms.

😩 Before you missed this small window of opportunity let me give you a few things to consider

🍼When should we book your services?

You should book my services one month before the baby is due.

🍼How old should my baby be?

It depends. If you love the newborn look, it should take place 2-5 days after you arrive home.

🍼 Do you use natural light or artificial light, and how long will the session last?

I used both. This session may take 2-3 hours. Babies have no schedule, and we need to be aware of that.

🍼How many babies do you photograph in one day?

I never photograph two babies in one day. So I will be devoting myself to your baby’s needs and yours.
Always sanitized everything, using a face mask, and I don’t bring anyone with me.

🍼Photos of parents with my baby?

You’re going to enjoy this session so much. It is slightly different from the previous session we have worked on together.
I highly suggest being camera ready, using soft tones to complete the soft baby look. Relax and enjoy it.