Considering a Large Bridal-Party?

Considering a Large bridal-Party seems a great idea, there is a lot to ponder over if you want to make it a pleasant experience for your guests. From serving attendees and saying your wedding vows, to capturing memorable shots, working with large bridal parties can be cumbersome.

When a dozen people are around, figuring out how to present yourself in front of a camera in an aesthetically pleasing manner can be difficult. A wedding ceremony might become a big conundrum when it comes to capturing different sides, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, and uneven large bridal parties. This is where the role of a skilled professional comes into play.

As an experienced photographer in Southern California, I know how to seize the fleeting moments of your most precious day, no matter how big of a bridal party you are having. From classic wedding arrangements to the mesmerizing environment, I take plenty of fantastic photos that will remind you how your dearest people gather with you on your wedding day.


Make Proper Arrangement with Chairs

Another important tip that helps me organize a Large bridal-Party is the “use of chairs.” Arranging people on the chairs in the large bridal-party help me make a proper frame. It makes everyone’s face appear clearly in the pictures. It is important to assess cases-by-case, depending on the party location. I make sure to position wide-shouldered adults on the chairs to save space in the frame.

Moreover, it is important to make accurate calculations when it comes to counting the number of chairs you need.  Generally, it is better to get half chairs of the total number of people. For example, if you have a group of 14 people (bridesmaid and groomsmen), you can arrange seven chairs.

I prefer choosing clean and simple backgrounds when working with large groups of people. It helps pull away from the background and create depth. As a large bridal-party intrinsically makes photos look busy, keeping background clean is a key.  Maintaining a pleasant balance among guests in a large bridal party can be a daunting task if you do not use the right techniques

So how do you do that? 

Alternating or separating girls and guys can create the interest you are looking for. Typically, I instruct bridesmaid and groomsmen to grab each other while escorting the bride down the aisle. Also, I divide the pairs equally on each side to create a balanced pose.

Visually breaking up the colors is another great trick to make the photos look aesthetically pleasing. I try to create interesting combinations but making people stand alternate to each other according to the color of the dress they are wearing. By having a guy-girl arrangement, I tend to mix up colors in the family portraits.

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Deal with the Uneven Numbers Smartly

This has been a life-saving tip for me that works almost in all the large gatherings. If you have an uneven number of groups such as six bridesmaids and four groomsmen, make the (extra gender) stand or sit next to the groom and bride. Then use the alternate boy-girl formula to make a proper group photo arrangement. Trust me; there will be no chaos. Your photos will come out looking unexpectedly organized and visually attractive.

Play with the Candid Moments

There is no need to keep your arms and hands positioned in the same way to get your groomsman and bridesmaids. Do not worry about angles and symmetry, as it may make your photo look more posed and robotic. The best way to steal cherished moments from your big day is to embrace everything naturally.

I love taking shots of joyful brides who mingle with the guests, celebrate around, and make tweaks to make awkward moments fun. Standard, staged posing at weddings is no longer a trend. Rock your wedding day with some stellar shots while keeping your bridal party entertained by selecting an experienced photographer in Southern California for managing your bridal- party.


Do you have any concerns about dealing with a large bridal party?  I am here for you, let us set a time to talk.


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