Posed, life style and photojournalism what is the difference?

Welcome to my Wedding Blog glad you are here!    Yes, we are eager to photograph your special day Today I want to talk about a question that keeps coming up in my wedding interviews. It had become a question that not everyone knows how to answer.  How do you define your wedding photography style?  from the bride and groom’s point of view.

What resonates with you. What moves your core, and you hold close to your heart.  Still confused?  I am here to help you.

Formal Wedding Style

This formal wedding style means we help you with every photo taken. Posing groups of family members for compelling portrait photography is tricky. But fun when knowing how to do it, especially if looks natural.  They look beautiful, right? There is nothing wrong with this style if it resonates with you. This style is more appealing for families or groups. I adore taking portraits more relaxed look and not so uncomfortable or look so posse.

Photojournalists’ Wedding Style.
This style means that brides and grooms prefer to have less formal methods and they do appreciate great storytelling/ photography, but they don’t want to be guided.  They love genuine raw moments captured as the day evolves without staging, only what tells the story of the day. is almost like a fly in the wall.  😉  The photographer will be in the room just capturing things as they develop. Composition and knowing when to expect the moment is a huge key to this style of photography.

Life-Style Wedding Photography.

I love this category, and I am nuts for a mixture of love, beautiful portraits and raw emotions filled with incredible moments. I also adore having a perfect portrait that is timeless and beautiful.  So my style will be Hybrid. You will see that again and again in my wedding gallery. Raw moments, emotions, guests laughing, dancing having a fantastic time, making my clients look at their best enjoying each other. Moments that forever be embedded in your heart.

I hope this helps you define what you love and adore. Having a little help from your photographer is not bad at all. Keep in mind that we aren’t models, and we need all of the advice and guidance from a professional we can get when it comes to getting the best of our investment.

Let me know if there is something I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask. There is nothing I would love more than getting a message from you!  Want to send me a message?  Here is the link

Hugs and kisses!