Outdoor family session Matador beach | Jacqueline and Brando Lucero

Outdoor family session

It’s been a pleasure to photograph the Lucero family in one of my favorite beaches in Malibu. I like to utilize El Matador beach because it has lots of open spaces and the natural rocks that formed are exquisite. This Beach is always a great location for everyone, energetic and I every time get incredible images for my clients. I have been photographing Brandon and Jacqueline since they got engaged several years ago, I still remember the day we meet. It was just like yesterday since then we have been closed friends and love seeing them grown and develop to be an adorable small family of 4 now.

If you have small kids, I have a few tips for you to make sure your family session is as successful as you always dreamed.

Be realistic, kids have a small window of attention spam, and your photographer needs to work efficiently. Be patient if your kids don’t cooperate.
Choose your clothing wise. I love when families put effort into their wardrobe. After all, these images will be on our wall for several years and you want to make sure you are proud to look at your wall portrait.
Tip #3
Plan ahead nothing will frustrate you more than being rush. With small kids, you will need time for yourself. You’re the motor of your household and need to look your best, hair and makeup are always a plus, but not necessary is all based on personalities
Captured your most precious moments, clients always find ways to postponed to be in front of the lens. Kids grow and time won’t stop, act fast.
Print your photos, print, print. I have seen on so many occasions that some clients will have their images on a disk, phone, computer.
If you don’t see it, you may lose it.

Nothing will make you happier than to know that we can create those meaningful images for you. Let’s me know how I can be a help! Hope this tips will help. Contact us for your next family session




Family standing on the beach family of four on the beach wearing pastel tones Dad and son walking wearing pastel tones pink tutu from he back two kids seating on the beach wearing pastel tones family of four sitting on the beach Precious moment of a couple bonding Lili walking solo at the beach wearing pink tutu Mom featuring little daughter kissing Pink tutu on the beach dad and little girl bonding on the beach smiling Mom and little baby girl bonding family of four wearing pastel tones family session  outdoor family on the beach