Revelry Wedding and Event Designers Base in Los Angeles.

 The best in the wedding industry Revelry.

The wedding industry is a fantastic community.  Being an event photographer is a joy to meet professionals like Revelry designers. My considerable admiration for Edgardo Zamora, his dedication, talent and how in 24 years in the business Edgardo has created an imperium.  Learning from a successful business in the wedding industry is a goal of mine. I always wanted to know more about the person and business understanding how they made it where they are now; I find that incredibly appealing.

Why I decided to approach Edgardo Zamora CEO of Revelry and Interview him.

I started a series of interviews with people I admired the most in the wedding Industry. The interview was a labor of love, I wanted to make sure it was flawless and we succeeded.  Our interview was executed in Spanish since we both share that language in common, it very easy for me to talk in my native language.   Want to give special appreciation to   Sergio Anthony Films for capturing this chapter with his lens.

Interview LINK 

The reason you should visit them.

They have the biggest and most complete showroom at Revelry Designers has to offer to all clientele and the most deserving brides. All planners and designers go to Revelry for furniture rentals, installations services, design services.  



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