Hello friends. As you see, we are back to work!! Things are shaping up really well and I am very thankful for that.
Super Bowl weekend was a good day to do an engagement session at UCLA and the Santa Monica Pier.
We started early because we promised Vincent that he would be able to watch the Super Bowl with family members. We did a really great job, finishing just in time for them to go out and see the game.
I would like to tell you that Karla and Vincent are going to celebrate the sacrament of marriage at St. Matthias Church and the reception will be held at
the Garden Room in La Habra. It’s going to be a great wedding.
Karla is making sure that everything is perfect for her wedding.
Now I would like to tell you a bit about how Vincent proposed to Karla.
As for his proposal:
“Vincent proposed to me on Christmas morning of 2008. We were at my mom’s house opening gifts, and he gave me this hideous jacket that was two sizes too big for me, so I wasn’t a very happy camper but had to pretend I loved the jacket. At the same time we had given my mom a puppy, Charlie, who was running havoc in the house. So while I got up and looked after Charlie, in another room, that morning, he asked my mom for permission to marry me. Obviously she said yes and as I was walking back to the living room, he walked up to me and gave me a hug and started telling me that the past year had been a rough one (he was laid off in early 2008) and that I had stuck by him through all the rough times and that 2009 was going to be different. So, by then, I thought it was weird because my mom and sister are sitting on the couch WATCHING and SMILING! So I got embarrassed because we aren’t very affectionate in public, and especially not in front of my mom (you know the Hispanic respect factor)! So then, I see him reach for his pocket and get down on one knee. I FREAKED and he asked me to be his WIFE! There was a mixture of all these emotions and we both got a little teary eyed and my mom and sister ran up to us and gave us a huge hug! It was very simple and intimate, just the four of us in the room, but it was PERFECT! He knows how important my mom and sister are to me!”

Enjoy some of my favorite images of the day:

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