Bat Mitzvah Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Your Bat Mitzvah at the Wilshire temple was incredible, dearest Mira! You are a ray of sunshine, and you are right bright, robust, independent, and beautiful. You captivated me with your sweet smile, and your sister was also a delight. Your friends and family had a BLAST. I can’t wait to see what life will bring to you. Your service at the Wilshire Temple was flawless; you read the Torah and talked so securely, and with no hesitations, obviously showed that your 6 months of practice paid off.. You outdid yourself!

Bat Mitzvah girl wearing a white dress.

The party was EPIC you love pink and I couldn’t be happy. Working your Bat Mitzvah was a highlight and working with SUGAR L. A was incredible as well.

The party was so much fun and seeing you with your family and friends was incredible they had so much fun, the food, lots of snacks, the coffee bar, balloons and my favorite, the stage full of gold and pink colors. MY FAV!!!

OMG, the party was, like, totally epic! Seeing you with your family and friends was the bomb, seriously. They were having a blast, and the whole vibe was just amazing. And can we talk about the food? It was next level – so delish! And the snacks, oh my gosh, I couldn’t stop munching.

But wait, the coffee bar? Genius idea! Like, who doesn’t love a good cup of joe, right? It added this cozy vibe that made everything even more awesome. And balloons everywhere – so much fun! But, hands down, the stage stole the show. Gold and pink? Hello, dreamy vibes! That combo was legit my favorite. It just made everything pop and look amazing.

Honestly, I can’t get over how much fun we had. The whole setup was on point, and your party was, like, goals. Seriously, those gold and pink colors on the stage? My absolute fav! Can we do it all over again, please?

Thank you, Mira, for your being incredible! I hope you enjoyed your Mitzvah celebration as much as I did.

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