TIMELESS ELEGANCE by Bella Vita Events

Congratulations to the happy couple!  Being in the wedding industry thought me to appreciate unique and passionate peers that love and respect our clients offering solid skills to make a dream wedding.  So I decided to introduce our fantastic friend and designer visionary Debora James from Bella Vita Events.  If you have the opportunity to see her brand new website I highly suggest you do.  One thing you should know about Bella Vita Events is that her team is equally devoted to you on your exceptional day, which brings me joy to tell you because I had seen it first hand.


“So, you have your new bling ring to show off to all your friends and family, and you’ve been thinking of this day since you were 5 years old.

A peacock bird in your hair, and a turquoise blue silhouette dress with a trail of peacock feathers whispering behind you as you take center stage during your dramatic entrance. Ok, so maybe this isn’t your style, but maybe you’ve always pictured your fairytale day in a Cinderella gown, adorned with lace and pearls, and the warmth of candlelight, illuminating your way to the altar. However, you’ve dreamt about this day, the real question is how to capture your personal style, yet keeping your wedding day pictures timeless for decades to come.

Before we begin designing with any client, I always ask them to flash forward in 5, 10, and even 20 years ahead and have them imagine looking at their wedding album and asking themselves, “what was I thinking about”?  The art of design is to define who you are individually, then creating a personal style that represents both of your cultures, religions, personalities, and personal preferences. Then, taking that style and applying it to the different vendor selections and overall “look” of the event.

Current trends traps:

Fashion: Overpowering dresses in scale and theme that leaves us asking “is the bride wearing the dress, or is the dress wearing the bride?”

Accent Pieces for the bride: Blue is the new white for bridal accessories, but going beyond shoes, or a simple blue belt or chic handbag, maybe more than a timeless statement that you want to make.

Photography: The term “editorial and documentary” is way overused, coinciding with too many extreme production processes with blown out, diffused, and overly artistic angles that leave us wondering, should be in an impressionistic art gallery or a wedding album.  Finding a talented photographer that fits your personality and budget, and captures the true “slice of life” photos will always be a sure bet.

Décor: Novelty that doesn’t become distracting can be a fresh and innovative way to capture your personal style and culture. The trick is to sprinkle and use the theme or color palate in a manner that creates a cohesive common thread, but doesn’t leave you gagging, that it was shoved down your throat.  Your goal is to leave your guests with impressions of who each of the people is as a couple and individuals and finding unique areas like centerpieces, grooms cakes, and stationery can be fun ways to reflect that theme without overpowering the event.

Entertainment: seems to be that area that is really pushing the envelope. No More 8-10 piece bands that play from Sinatra to Seal, the entertainment is taking a bold trend towards almost being overbearing, or so in your face novelty, that it leaves the guests with an agitated feeling.  One couple actually had their romantic first dance interrupted by a breakdance group, it was like ripping a zip cord thru the crowd. Once the crowd got that the couple had intended it, they appreciated the fine art of dancing, but initially, it almost seemed like a holdup at the local bank. In the end, you want your day to be a beautiful fairy tale told, about two people who met, fell in love, got engaged and had a timeless wedding day and they lived happily ever after. So, in years to come when you wipe off the dust from your wedding album on the shelf, that you don’t regret what you choose during a very emotional and electrically charged time of your life.

Take the time in your vendor selection, and work closely with your coordinator to evaluate your budget and your personal style.  There is no dress rehearsal and you don’t get this day back.  So, gather your pictures, and make your appointments and go plan a magical “timeless” day, that will resonate in your hearts for a lifetime.

Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy the journey…”  By Deborah James from Bella Vita Events.

Thank you, Bella Vita Events!  More of her fantastic work in these photos I had the pleasure of capturing.  And let me add please don’t forget to visit her brand new website: www.bellavitaevents.com