Newborn Photography and beyond.

Should we be talking about babies? Well, babies and photography in my case.

Early in our marriage, everyone keeps asking us when we were going to be parents-specifically asking me. When are you going to have a baby? When, when, when. Honestly, it got to a point where it was irritating when my family members asked me.
-So, I started asking me those questions. Why didn’t we have babies? Isn’t it normal not to be a mother? Should I have a baby? I had so many questions, and finally, after many many considerations, the answer came to Us, it felt as natural and with no pressure from any of the parties involved.

My hubs and I decided soon in our marriage that we weren’t going to be parents, and that was okay with us.
I love babies and kids, but they aren’t for Us. Why?

I love being a businesswoman, and I adore serving my clients with my photography service. I do LOVE to take photos of babies; and I genuinely have a great time caring for them and holding them and taking pictures like these you see below.If you ever get to have me as your photographer. I will care for your baby like no one ever will that is as a photographer. Why? Because it is one of the most incredible feelings in this earth to hold this precious life that YOU created and take photos for you to hold dear into your heart. It gives me a HUGE satisfaction and makes my heart full of joy.



That is why I love to take photos of babies. I don’t mind when they cry, and we need lots of patients when taking this moment in your baby’s stage. My newborn mom’s call me the baby whisperer. I’m not sure if I’m a natural, but I can reassure you that your baby won’t cry in my arms.

See photos of my past client sessions. Do you want a book a session for a friend? Contact me; I am always here for you.


my name Gloria Mesa