Reality Show T.V and Weddings

Being part of a reality show T.V was a fantastic experience. Thank you to Yvonne Wolf Events for the invitation. Have you seen the TV SHOW MILLION-DOLLARS LISTING N.Y? They filmed a segment here in Los Angeles, and everyone came to the property for sale. In this particular case, it was fun to see how the networks work and therefore how reality tv has been produce.


When I arrive at the house where the reality T.V show was being filmed.  As a result, they ask for our ID signed a document, and of course, we did it in, so they can use our part in the show.  That was incredibly fun and exciting, furthermore, the experience is worth the time. You get reimbursement from your work done, as a photographer, not to be part of the show.

What I learned was AMAZING and exciting. Finally, I was able to meet so many talented realtors who sell multimillion-dollar houses all over N.Y and Los Angeles.

The Cocktail Hour

For example, during the cocktail hour, everyone gathers and mingles camera ready for sure.  It was a great opportunity for us to capture people as they came to the step and repeat.  The realtors we met were fun and good looking, they look like models. Everyone enjoys the work of Yvonne Wolf Events who organizes this gathering and the guest who forgot a show being filmed


The guest was a delight to photograph.  Everyone looked stunning, particularly the host of the TV show and of course all of the team players as well. The million-dollar listing a reality T.V makes sure you binge; it’s worth watching. I got lots of inspiration for my business, and I love seeing people succeed in what they love. That makes me reach even higher.

If you ever need to talk about business Ideas or explore a different idea, please reach out to me. I love to speak about marketing and business ideas.  A HUGE thank you to Fedstop for listing my blog on the 100 best in the wedding industry.

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