UCLA engagement Session with Evely and Ari.

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If this is your first time, please enjoy my gallery. I am overjoyed knowing that you’re engaged and are doing your homework to have a fantastic experience. The perfect place is significant and is even better if you do have a connection with that location. Many of you are looking for ideas on places and clothing options. Great! The more homework you do that better.

If you are a native Californian, you know how incredibly our state is. I’ve many clients aren’t locals, and I’m so glad that we know the best places in town.

Evelyn and Ari wanted to have their session at UCLA where they meet, for Evelyn was very important. They show me their favorite spots, and yet, I was thrilled.

Pets in your engagement session? Sure! I love dogs, and I will do anything in my end to make this wish come true. My clients love this!

I highly suggest if your Dog is not as social as my dog is. Bring a pet-sitter, that we can continue with the session and your furry baby will be in good hands.

In this engagement session at UCLA. We didn’t have a pet sitter, my clients’ pet was incredible and sweet and was behaving smoothly throughout the session.

If you’re feeling nervous the day of your session, believed me you aren’t alone. Being in front of the camera can be very intimidating and un-natural, not to worry. I can be there for you helping you feel relax and making sure you look incredible.

Want to talk about my experience in UCLA, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to guide you to have a very successful engagement session.

Please visit my engagement session galleries. Enjoy it!