Wedding at the Bungalows in Santa Monica

Wedding at the Bungalows.

In any wedding family, friends, memories, and expectations all have a part to play. Bill and Annie enjoyed the day and the celebration was all fun. With talented planner Brooke Osborn and with the support of Jackie Sheen on hand, everything went like clockwork on the big day leaving plenty of time for me to get great relaxed shots.

Location Details

Located in Santa Monica with cozy garden enclosures perched on top of the hills, ocean views lure the eye seaward. The romantic fig trees cast dappled light over the majestic front drive, and exquisite sunsets take the breath away. The sophisticated history of this venue makes it a dreamy romantic’s perfect choice for a wedding. What bride wouldn’t want her wedding photographer to capture the same stunning views Marilyn Monroe enjoyed? My understanding of the astonishing choice of settings here was the first step to finding the vista that represented Bill and Annie’s individual personality and captured the best memories.

The reception  Starlight Ballroom

What wedding would be complete without flowers? Annie’s enchanting decision to have pure white was utter genius, as it gave the day a refined and elegant feel. As part of the photographic narrative, flowers are an excellent visual representation of the feelings on the day. Bill and Annie chose Hidden Gardens to provide the gorgeous floral arrangements. Organized by the newest member of their team, wedding director Brooke Osborn, the blooms complemented the tone superbly.  With a delicious cake from The Butter End so good!


It could be hard to remember all the wedding guests, decorations, and events a good photographer will document every detail of the day.  Now’s the perfect time to contact me if you want to capture the best memories of your seaside wedding.


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