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Browsing engagement rings with your best friends is a right of passage for young women. We would like to think that your guy is going to be a hopeless romantic diamond whisperer and he will only have to glance into a random jewelry store and the ring will call to him.  As incredible as that sounds, unfortunately, finding the ring is more complicated. However, with a few helpful hints, a little help from you, and of course your bestie, your guy will know the engagement ring of your dreams when he sees it.

Choose the Right Jeweler

Finding the right jeweler is essential to finding lifelong happiness with the right ring. Talk to your married gal pals about their experience.  Look for a jeweler with a good reputation and word of mouth is an ideal way to find one.

A good jeweler will offer re-fittings, repairs, and cleanings and the relationship can last a lifetime. Therefore, you want to make sure that your jeweler not only has a good reputation but has the experience, credentials, and industry certifications to back up that reputation.

I recently had the pleasure of taking some shots for one such jeweler in Calabasas, Raiman Rocks. The engagement ring options nowadays are seemingly endless.

The Four Cs

The Four Cs are the globally accepted rating system for diamonds.


The grading for the color of diamonds actually refers to the lack of color of a diamond. Falling somewhere on a scale of D – totally colorless to Z – a light yellow color visible to the naked eye, diamonds increase in value the closer that they fall to D on the scale. While this scale is used to determine the value of a colorless stone.  Many jewelers are now offering engagement with a unique colorful diamonds in yellow, pinks, and blues.


The clarity of a diamond involves the presence of blemishes and inclusions, tiny imperfections on the interior of the stone. There are six categories of clarity and only at the bottom of the scale will the inclusions affect the brilliance of the diamond to the naked eye.


A diamond’s cut is graded on a five-point scale from excellent to poor and will impact three characteristics of the stone:

  • Brightness: The amount of white light reflected from the exterior and interior of the stone.
  • Fire: How the stone scatters white light into all of the colors of the rainbow.
  • Scintillation: How much sparkle produced by a stone.

Carat Weight

Carat weight, tells merely the weight of the diamond and all other things being equal (color, clarity, and cut).

The Single Most Important Tip For Choosing The Ring.

The information above will help in finding a quality jeweler and ring. What it will not help you with is knowing what you like. The color, cut, and setting of your ring should reveal your personal style. One thing that I know from photographing many happy couples, your ring should reflect not only light and sparkle but the uniqueness of you and your relationship.

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