Featured Photographer in Canon Professional Services.

Featured Photographer in Canon Professional Services. 

This month I was selected, by CANON USA, to be featured showing some of my work at the grand opening of CPS, Canon Professional Services, in Costa Mesa, California.  That was fun!  It took about four months of going back and forth with the incredible staff of Canon, to New York.  Joy Snyder and Lisa Rose helped, all of the way, to make sure all of my questions were answered.  As the day arrived, I got so excited because I didn’t know what to expect since I couldn’t be told what the project was all about.  That totally killed me! I patiently waited for them to let me know and the day finally arrived.  I was the ONLY wedding photographer featured at the gallery of the CPS in Costa Mesa.That alone, made my day even more special.  So much talent and little me, alone; yeah~  So exciting and I totally loved the experience.  Thank you, CANON,  for showcasing my work in your galleries. You can read more about here: Canon USA Also, I would love to mention my incredible clients that with out them, this wouldn’t never happen. Thank you Rian and Joe Curley!

Image Featured by Canon USA.
Canon Usa Featured wedding photographer

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