Hartley Botanica Wedding Photographer in Somis California.

Hartley Botanica Wedding Photographer in Somis California.

Four years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting an incredible couple; Jacqueline and Brandon. They had interviewed me to be the photographer for their wedding at Hartley Botanica. After the interview, I received a call from Jacqueline telling me that she and Brandon had chosen me to be their photographer. I was so happy, since I had fallen in love with them. They are so adorable and cute. Well, this month was their wedding anniversary and I couldn’t be happier to share some of the incredible images that I have been able to capture since they met me, four years ago. I met them for their engagement session, in Ventura, then for the BIG day at Hartley Botanica. Last year they announced that Jacqueline was pregnant and I jumped for joy at the news. I know how much they like kids and they both are amazing with them.

They wanted me to continue with our professional relationship, so we set up a time to do the prenatal session at a local hiking area in Camarillo, By the way, Brandon is the best when it comes to finding the best hiking trails in our area. Jacqueline looked beautiful and she was glowing with happiness. While we were walking, they shared with me that they were struggling to pick a name for the baby ( a boy ) to be exact. I was so blessed at the moment when they both shared with me the unique name that each wanted but were unable to agree on which one. Well, after we all talked, I agreed with Jacqueline’s pick; William.. So they named the baby Will.

Jacqueline gave birth to baby William on Christmas Eve. What a GIFT for the Luceros; a magnificent gift. After a few days, they called me and we set a time for me to meet William and to take pictures of the new family. I was in love with him. It’s so incredible to see new couples develop as parents and to see the transformation from engaged, married, and then as families. I have to tell you that it’s a true joy for me to see that. Here are some of the images of one of my most favorite couples ever!!

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