Westmont College Engagement Session In Santa Barbara

Westmont College Engagement Session In Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara is a very special place to Krysta and Matt since they lived there while going to college. Their engagement session was so adorable. I love it when couples love each other and are sweet and loving toward each other. I meet Matt the same day and I was great and we had a great time, I immediately felt so comfortable with him. He is so caring and shows how much he loves Krysta and that makes me so happy. He loves sports, so we had a great talk about all of the basketball drama going on lately about the “Clippers”, my favorite team. Krysta is so cute! I love being around them because they laugh and have so much fun together, and that shows. In a few months during the summer days, The ceremony and reception will take place at Hartley Botanica Garden, in Somis, one of my favorite venues here in Ventura County. Can’t wait for your wedding day!~~~

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