Wedding photography in Ventura County | Amanda and Jesse Anniversary

Wedding Photography in Ventura County | Amanda and Jesse Anniversary.

Sandy talked to me about her vision of her daughter’s wedding day. She explained that she was adding a tent, a live band, catering, and a violinist. She sounded so excited that just watching her, alone, was a joy for me. When the wedding day arrived, I got to the house located in Simi Valley where the wedding was being hosted. I was able to see Sandy’s vision!! It was more beautiful than what I had in my mind. Sandy did an amazing job planning her daughter’s wedding with the amazing help of Michelle, of  Mia Bella Weddings.  Everything felt in place.
Amanda and Jesse had an intimate and adorable wedding. They are the sweetest couple and I LOVE their style. I also LOVE how much they care for each other, we also share a huge love for out pets. Amanda and Jesse have been friends since high-school.

Thank you Jesse and Amanda for the great memories!!


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