Hartley Botanica Wedding Photography | Happy Second Anniversary Randi and Ralph

Hartley Botanica Wedding Photography  |  Happy Second Anniversary Randi and Ralph

The day was special and I could tell that the wedding of Randi and Ralph was definitely something that everyone had been anticipating because family and friends flew in from New Jersey and from Miami. The wedding took place at the beautiful Hartley Botanica They did an amazing job with all of the details that Randi and Ralph dreamed of for their wedding day. The flowers, the linens, everything had a vintage touch just like Randi had planned. Even her wedding gown was reminiscent of the 50′s era.. She looked gorgeous!. The Candy Station was to die for and the Hollywood Candy Girls did a stunning job. Wendi Hartfield oversaw every single detail so that the wedding was perfect. The flowers from Belle of the Ball provided a perfect palette of colors which complemented the Cake by Skiff’s cakes, and the cup cakes for the wedding. Command Performance, the premier catering for Hartley Botanica Garden, had everything tasting delicious for all of the guests and the best lemonade in town. Our D.J. for the night, Kyle Taylor , made everyone dance till the end.
One of the moments that still gives me the chills is when Ralph saw Randi for the very first time, I will never forget that moment also when  Brandon, Randi’s son, took her by her arm. He was wearing his military uniform and he looked amazing. There was nothing more special than seeing them walk down the isle.. So many emotions; so many.. Thank you Randi and Ralph for letting me be part of your magical day!!!

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