Award Winning Photography by Gloria Mesa | Randi and Ralph Wedding

Yesterday, I woke up to a wonderful surprise. The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, of which I am a member, published their winter contest results. After looking at all of the talented photographers, I saw one of my photos!! I was quite happy and very satisfied that this image of Ralph was one of the images that was given an award on the website results. This image is amazing, not because it’s mine, but because it was a moment SO special. It was the moment when Ralph was seeing his future bride Randi for the very first time dress as his bride. Everyone at the wedding was touched by Ralph’s reaction, even I got teary-eyed. I was able to capture only five frames and this one was the one I loved the most. I was able to see his eyes become completely immersed into Randi’s. It was as if no one were there, just Ralph and Randi. What a moment… Link to view wedding and engagement session of them.

I S P W P, Award winning photographer,

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