Los Angeles Union Station Engagement Session | Mira and Andy

I love this session!! I had so much fun. Los Angeles Union Station is an amazing place. Mira and Andy wanted their engagement session with a 50’s touch. Mira transformed herself and Andy looked so handsome and reminded me of that popular show, “Mad Men”. The look was perfect. After we finished the session at the Los Angeles Union Station, we drove to find a unique spot in Downtown L.A. Andy made a turn and VOILA!! It just happened that the place was perfect for the next part of the engagement session; the more relaxed 50’s look.
I love having a stylist in the engagement sessions. James Sartin did an outstanding job of making sure that Mira and Andy had everything perfect, from hair and make-up to jewelry, everything. James you totally spoiled me now.. 😉
Andy and Mira are going to celebrate their wedding at the Tropical Paradise in Ventura County, I know it’s going to be a fantastic affair.

How they met:
Believe it or not, J-Date was responsible for their meeting. Andy was the first to reach out by “poking” Mira, which started the journey to where they are today…Engaged! After a few weeks of chatting online, it was time for a face-to face meeting. They met for dinner, yes dinner, and not coffee (they knew it was risky) at Sol y Luna on a freezing Thursday night on December 12, 2007. The night ended with a promise to call each other and a hug good bye.

Proposal: By Andy
On Saturday, December 18th, I knew the rain would be a problem. I already had several of my plans changed due to the rain and had made the decision that when the moment struck and I saw the perfect spot, while we were wine tasting that day, that I was going to go for it. I knew that no matter what, I wasn’t going to let Mira get away from me and I wasn’t leaving Santa Barbara without asking. The entire day there was never the perfect spot. Believe me, I looked and tried. When we got back to the hotel, I knew the grounds were romantic and had beautiful scenery. After going through a map of the property, I noticed a cliff looking over the ocean. Just one small problem with my plan, it was an absolute downpour. That being said, I didn’t care and I was determined to do this right. Poor Mira, I made her walk all through the property in the rain to get to the cliff. I was way too nervous and only focused on not forgetting everything I wanted to say to her. As she finished looking at the ocean, she turned around to talk to me. I dropped my umbrella and told her that there was one thing I never gave her; any jewelery in the three years, because I was saving it for something special. I then got down on one knee and forgot about half the things I was planning on telling her.When I went down on one knee, she thought I fell and told me to get up. I then grabbed her hand and popped the question. I was so nervous that I put the ring on the wrong hand. I couldn’t even remember what Mira’s answer was. At that point, my heart was beating about 165 beats a minute and I thought I would pass out from being nervous. Mira finally said yes and I got her out of the rain for a little alone time.

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Thank you Andy and Mira for a fantastic afternoon 🙂

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