Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Session| Bryce and Erika

Going to Downtown Los Angeles, to do an engagement session, is one of the most incredible experiences ever because I adore the buildings and the funky walls.
Erika and Bryce wanted something urban and she was able to find the place that she was looking for. Thank you guys!! Bruce and Erika are celebrating their marriage in Simi Valley at the Vineyards, can’t wait I know that it’s going to be wild!!
How he proposed:
Bryce and I recently had the privilege of buying our first home. As I’m sure all of you know, making a house into a home sometimes has its ups and downs. We were at Home Depot in search for the perfect flowers for our front yard. I wanted Snapdragons, but he insisted they were temperamental, so we left empty handed… I was sad that our front yard would remain empty.
The very next day he told me he had a surprise for me but I would have to wait until I got home from work to get it. I was so anxious. I knew that he bought the Snapdragons I had hoped for. I got home and immediately asked for my surprise. He laughed and said okay. I asked if he wanted me to close my eyes, he said “sure crazy lady” with a grin. As I stood there waiting for my flowers, he grabbed onto my hand and in the nicest voice he said, “I love you Babe, will you marry me?” I opened my eyes and to my surprise he was down on one knee, smiling back at me. I couldn’t believe it! Of course I said yes. It was Mother’s Day weekend and I was so excited to share the news with our moms. What a great gift!!”