First female photographer in the cover of Bodas USA.

Today was a great day full of fantastic news that I would love to share with you. Last February I submitted several images from different weddings to Lillian De La Torre president Bodas USA, she selected one of my images of Diana using the red wall as a background for the Verano/Otoño issue of the magazine. It feels great to be the First female photographer on the cover, when Lillian gave me the news I was very happy and I shared this information with my husband and family. This Magazine is beautiful and full of information for brides to be. You can find Bodas USA in your local Bookstores and retail stores. The Wedding was held at the Camarillo Ranch House Foundation in the city of Camarillo.

I want to show my appreciation to all the people that worked on the magazine from start to finish, and to Diana and Danny for having such a fantastic wedding event, and of course for choosing me as their wedding photographer.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart..

Lillian De la Torre Director of publishing.
Sandra Evans, Art Director,
Angela Gomez-Holbrok, USA, (Consultant Graphic Designer)

Bodas USA