Los Alamitos Engagement session | Marco and Lisette

I meet Marco and Lisette on a Sunday afternoon to drive at Los Alamitos military base. The place it’s so cool, love the rusted walls and HUGE hangars; where I was able to snap a few clicks. I never been in a place like this before. Thank you Marco for making it happen.. 🙂 We started outside checking the helicopters that Marco flies, he is a medevac pilot for the national Guard.  A year from this day, Marco proposed to Lisette in front of her whole family, since Marco was going to be deployed to  Afghanistan, where he spend 12 months. But Before proposing to Lisette, Marco ask for her hand in marriage to her father. That tradition is till alive by many of my clients. I love when couples bring along their customs and traditions, that is something that I cherish and admired. After we finished at the base we drove to Seal Beach, the day ended it being really windy and super cold, but Lisette manage to stayed warm and continue the session. Their wedding is going to be held in a the chapel in Temecula, beautiful place to host weddings. Temecula has lots of wineries like the one where the reception will take place, Stuart Cellars and winery in Temecula. I am sure that besides wine we are going to have lots of Tequila.
Dear Lisette and Marco, thank you for spending a great day with me..

Some of my favorites of the day.