I was so happy when Elena called me to set the engagement session for her and J.D., her fiancé. The reason was because when Elena booked me for her wedding, J.D. was in Afghanistan serving our country. I was so proud of that and, of course, excited to meet him for the first time. We had a blast!! Elena and J.D. are perfect for each other. I love to be around so much love and respect. Elena has a lovely family. I got to meet her mom (I adore her) and I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding. The ceremony is going to be hosted at the Rincon Beach Club. I know it’s going to be a fantastic wedding!! I also wanted to share the story of how J.D. proposed to Elena. The work of several people was involved. Here is the story of Elena and J.D proposal. Tuesday, May 5th: J.D. finds out that he is deploying to Afghanistan sooner than originally anticipated. He tells Elena and she is immediately upset! Wednesday, May 6th: J.D. boards a red-eye flight to California to surprise Elena with a proposal.Elena is at work having what she thinks is going to be another day in the life of a first grade teacher. She is preparing for her First Grade Social Studies performance for the following day (meaning she was going to work late). At 10:00 a.m., that morning, J.D. arrives in California. He decides to plan a mini scavenger hunt for Elena. At 3:30 in the afternoon Elena luckily had to use the restroom in the teacher’s lounge, where she encounters a teacher friend (named Stacey) who asks “what are you still doing here?” Elena is puzzled as to why she is asking that question, she was working of course. Stacey continues to tell her to go out to her car because there is something she should see. Elena proceeds to her car to find a rose and a card with her name on it. She is completely surprised and wonders how J.D. had placed the card on her car. She continues to question Stacey “How
did J.D. get that card to you?” Stacey says, “He is here.” Elena is still completely shocked. She proceeds to open the card to find a sweet message as well as details telling her to follow the clue to get to her next clue. There was a map leading her to Mandalay Bay Embassy Suites in Oxnard, California. She is to ask the concierge for the next clue. When Elena arrives there is another rose and card from J.D. with another sweet message and a room key. Elena wanders around this huge hotel, not knowing where to go, and is soo anxious to see J.D. She finally finds the room and is ready to see him, but there is yet another rose and sweet message from J.D. In the last card she is to meet him out on the beach. Once Elena gets there he is holding another
rose. Elena rambles on for many minutes about how surprised she is that he is there. It was at that point, standing on the beach, that J.D. asks for her to marry him. She said “YES!” of course.” Wonderful story… something to tell your grand-kids… so this is what we did that day!! Thank you to all that help J.D in his quest…

This is the beach where he proposed to Elena.

Elena and J.D wanted a Red barn. Here at the Camarillo Ranch house.

Embassy Suites mandalay Beach Resort