Featured in Inside Weddings.

Featured in Inside Weddings! I’ve got some exciting news: I recently had the incredible honor of being featured in Inside Weddings! They showcased my work online and sent me this stunning magazine. I couldn’t be more thrilled! 🎉📖✨

Inside Weddings is like the ultimate hub for all things wedding-related, so being featured there is a significant milestone in my journey as a wedding photographer.

One wedding that stood out was the one at St Vibiana. The bride looked incredible, wearing a black wedding dress, surrounded by the mysterious fog that enveloped the patio with the coffin corpse full of sushi. It was a moment of pure magic, enhanced by the dark, red hues of the sunset. The whole atmosphere had this “Dante’s Inferno” theme, with a touch of mystery and allure.

Being featured in Inside Weddings for my work in LA weddings is not just a nod to my photography skills; it’s also a recognition of the love and energy that goes into every shot I take.

I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity and excited to see where it leads. But I will soak in the moment and maybe do a little happy dance! 💃. a perfectly choreographed TANGO, the exquisite food and the productions incredible. Reds, blacks, and many incredible people made St Bibiana look like never before.

If you want to see the feature, grab a copy of the magazine or visit Inside Weddings online. And hey, while you’re at it, feel free to let me know your thoughts!

Until next time, keep spreading love and capturing those magical moments in the City of Angels! Would you like me to share my experience at this wedding? Did you see this wedding? Click here