Hummingbird Nest Wedding Venue | Vendors

Hummingbird Nest Wedding Venue | Vendors

Hummingbird Nest Wedding Venue, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Santa Susana in Ventura County, is a testament to timeless elegance and natural beauty. This enchanting wedding venue offers couples a dreamlike setting for their special day, where love blossoms amidst the serenity of nature.

Location and Setting:

Perched against the breathtaking Santa Susana Mountains, Hummingbird Nest provides a genuinely idyllic wedding setting. Imagine exchanging vows under the canopy of ancient trees, with the soft rustle of leaves and the melody of birdsong creating a symphony of romance. If you are hosting a wedding with more than 500 guests, Grand Prix should be your venue of choice.

Facilities and Spaces:

Hummingbird Nest boasts a diverse array of enchanting spaces designed to accommodate a range of wedding styles. From the Garden Terrace’s intimate charm to the Villa Courtyard’s grandeur, each venue is a canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of your unique love story. The Lake Lawn is an exquisite location with open spaces. Book this wedding venue if your wedding has 700 guests or more.

Wedding Packages:

Hummingbird Nest is curated to turn your wedding dreams into a reality. Indulge in personalized services, exquisite catering, and exclusive add-ons that ensure your celebration is as unique as your love story. Your journey towards forever begins here.

Vendor Partnerships:

Simplify your wedding planning journey with the network of trusted vendors. Acclaimed photographers, florists, and other professionals mean you can trust the experts intimately familiar with Hummingbird Nest’s nuances. If you need to see the list of dedicated vendors CLICK HERE

Tips for Planning a Wedding at Hummingbird Nest:

Embarking on the journey of wedding planning? Here are some insider tips to make your experience at Hummingbird Nest seamless. From booking timelines to the little details that make a big difference, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Naturally nestled in the heart of Santa Susana, Hummingbird Nest wedding venue offers couples a unique blend of natural beauty and timeless elegance. Whether envisioning an outdoor ceremony surrounded by lush gardens or a grand reception in our exquisite halls, Hummingbird Nest is the perfect canvas for your love story.


Ready to embark on the journey towards your happily ever after at Hummingbird Nest? Please inquire about availability, schedule a personal tour, or contact our dedicated team to start planning the wedding you’ve always imagined.

Hummingbird Nest had a variety of different venues to fit any budget. Please see the other options for you.

The Villa and the Sitting Bull can hold up to 300 guests outdoors 100%. You do have to have a backup plan if it rains on your wedding day.

The Grand Prix and the Lake Lawn can hold up to 900 guests with the option for a tent.

Q-Vineyard has indoor and outdoor options and is the smallest venue in Hummingbird Nest.

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