Do you have a multi-religious wedding?


This is one of the most intimate moments for our brides and grooms.  Why?  No one is watching you waiting to see your reaction. You won’t feel the pressure of having to react to the moment.  Your first look will be scheduled, and we will have more time for photos without rushing. It can get stressful in time; lots of my couples now choose to do the first look.

How to handle it a multi-religious wedding?

The challenge here is to find a balance so both can do the essential aspects of each religion.

Talk to your planner; she is your best friend. Have a meeting with both of the religious representations and be very clear how long you want the ceremony to be without cutting essential aspects of your wedding.

Make sure the ceremony is not too long, guests are tired, hungry, and thirsty. Long rituals make guests lose the attention ceremony deserves.

If you didn’t finish the photos and needed to continue with extended family members is best to let then know, so they don’t leave. It – happens – all – the – time people go to the restroom sidetrack by guests.

Always remember any delay will be like a domino effect on your dream wedding. You need to hire experienced event professionals to help you manage situations like the one mentioned.


We love receiving, and you too!  Time to relax and party with friends, time for dancing, drinking, and eating.  All of your hard work will be reflected on this day. Enjoy it. You deserve it.

Any questions about multi-religious weddings?  Don’t hesitate to ask me a question. I am here to help.