Outdoor session

The session of the Aguilar bothers was adorable. Jennifer, mom, has been a client of mine since day one. Since their engagement session, wedding and now a family photographer. That to me is a joy and nothing makes me as happy as being there for such a milestone in my clients’ lives.
Jennifer had in mind this Mexican Theme to honor our culture, and she planned it all. The pony, the outfits, the cake, and the colorful piñata.


I genuinely was overjoyed by the experience. The kids outdid themselves well behave, and they listen to me and had fun. Honestly, I think the Pony helps a lot.
We selected the outdoors; kids must be outside so they can feel comfortable and not feel pressured by the lights and the wall of a studio.


The celebration of Smashing the Cake has been a fun session that I started doing with all of my clients after their newborn session. This celebration was at year one; the little ones enjoyed making a mass and eating it too!
In conclusion, we choose the Santa Clarita park after schouting the location In additon, I was so lucky to find some cactus looking like we were in a ranch.

Once we arrived at the locations if there are little animals you must acclimate them o the site. The animals are scared just like a kid will. So, we also got a professional handler to keep the pony and to move it as we need it.

If you want to book your family session, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Love, Gloria.

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