Should You have a First Look?

It’s your special day and you have planned everything down to the last detail. You have a florist designer, booked your perfect wedding photographer, the most picture perfect venue, and your best friend by your side! But, there is one question left to answer: do you and your groom want a “first look?”

There are some memorable reasons to have a first look and some reasons that other couples opt out of the first look.

Pros of a First Look

That special moment of seeing your groom can be made more personal by doing the first look.

The bride and groom spend a few intimate moments alone together before the ceremony. This romantic time is saved just for the bride and groom.

Seeing your soon to be spouse before the ceremony can calm any nerves and get any possible tears out.

Doing a first look will ensure that the groom’s suit, and the bride’s gown, hair, and makeup are all fresh and ready for pictures. If you do cry, the bride will have time to touch up her makeup before the ceremony begins.

First look photos make pictures after the ceremony shorter. The bride and groom can be less stressed and have more time to spend relaxing and visiting with friends and family during the cocktail hour.

Some of the sweetest, most intimate moments can be captured between the bride and groom during a first look. 

Cons of a First Look

Brides and grooms chose not to do a first look because of not seeing the bride before the wedding. Many want to follow this tradition and start off their wedding day seeing each other at the altar.

The pressureof giving “the right” reaction, you know the one: crying tears of joy, with the biggest smile ever. It can lead to an inauthentic reaction.

The excitement and suspense of waiting until you are walking down the aisle. Can lead couples to say no to a first look. Seeing each other for the first time as the bride walks down the aisle. Can be so sweet and filled with tradition.

Groom seeing bride for the first time

During cocktail hour, family photos and wedding party photos tend to take place. This takes time away from the bride and groom being able to celebrate with their friends and family. 

Seeing each other before photos is a decision that couples have to make together. They can either choose to stick to tradition. And have the first looks be as they are walking down the aisle. They can have a personal first look with just the bride and groom. Any decision will lead to the best day for the bride and groom.

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