Los Angeles River Center & Gardens Wedding Agustin and Jacqueline Wedding

Los Angeles River Center & Gardens Wedding

Los Angeles River Center & Gardens Wedding was the perfect canvas for the wedding of Agustin and Jacqueline. The day was absolutely incredible and, for me, having a wedding in Los Angeles made it a perfect day.
Jacqueline was getting ready at her mom’s house so I got to meet everyone and as soon as we met, I felt welcomed by everyone.  Jacqueline’s grandmother lives with them and she had cooked some “chilaquiles” that morning and, of course, her mom invited me to have breakfast with her. That was so sweet!
As Jacqueline arrived from her hair appointment, I had been working on her details. I love to take my time and not rush. One of the many things that I love about photographing weddings is paying attention to every detail, that way everything gets photographed and I love it.
The ceremony was Catholic and very nice. The priest was very friendly and the mariachi did a great job during the ceremony. I loved seeing Agustin’s face when Jacqueline was walking with her father down the aisle. That moment is precious and it only lasts seconds, so I am so aware to make sure that I capture that as it happens.  After the Catholic ceremony concluded, we all drove to the Los Angeles River Center where Luz Pencyla and her amazing team had everything finished and ready for my clients to see.  Thank you Luz, for making my work so more delightful.
The portraits of my bride and groom, at the Los Angeles River Center, were a complete success.  Having worked there several times before, I knew the best places to shoot and how the lighting behaves during the day. You could say that I am an expert when it comes to this wedding venue.. 😉   The party was a complete hit and everyone danced the night away. During the first dance, I loved the second dress that Jacqueline wore to surprise her husband that night, again!!
I love when my former clients use my name when they know of someone who is getting married.  That is what happened in this case.  My former clients, Juan and Cynthia Bañuelos-Fausto had referred me.  I have no words to describe my gratitude!! Thank you again..
Some of my favorites of the day:

A HUGE thanks to all of the bridesmaids Jocelyn Lissette Brenda Marisol Nancy Natalie Cecilia Gabby Kassandra Monica Thank you ladies for being super sweet with me 😉
Our Vendors:
Dress: mariposa boutique
Tux: A. Torres tuxedos
Shoes: nina shoes
Rings: Robbins brothers
Hair: Elvia
Make-up: Juan Carlos at BeAuty Emporium
invitations: Handmade by the bride!!! With help from parents & sisters!
venue: L.A River and Garden
coordinator: Luz Pencyla
flowers: Luz Pencyla
Table runners: made by brides grandma “Mamachuy”
Dj& video: esc events