Catholic Outdoor Wedding at Bel-Air Bay Club

Hello and welcome to my wedding blog. I will now be featuring the wedding that I shot at the incredible Bel-Air Bay Club. I had so much fun because this was the first wedding of the year for me. I arrived at The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica where Meagan was getting ready. The day was gloomy and for a moment I thought that it was going to rain. False! It was beautiful.

Meagan looked amazing! I was so excited to see her shoes and her wedding dress. (I know I am a total girl) If you know me, you know how much I love shoes.. 😉
We departed to the venue; the Bel-Air Bay Club. It looked stunning with the help of Ricardo Luna and Gardens and Ilana Rosenberg the on-site coordinator at the Bel-Air Bay Club.

Some of my favorites of the day.

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First Look

Meagan and Brian decided to see each other before the wedding because they wanted to make sure that we took all of the wedding photos beforehand so that they could enjoy their cocktail hour.
The first look was so sweet! I loved seeing their faces and how sweet they reacted to seeing each other for the first time. This is just as important to some of my clients as when they walk down the aisle for the very first time. As a future bride, this is something to consider. I promise that if you choose to see your man before the wedding, I will make it so special.. 😉

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Outdoor Catholic Wedding

Explore the unparalleled beauty of love and faith blending seamlessly in a coastal haven. Join us for a soul-stirring celebration that transcends the ordinary, where the Pacific Ocean becomes a divine backdrop to your sacred journey

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DJ Miles: Miles Beard, CEREMONY MUSIC: Andy Hill
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bel Air Bay Club

Huge Shout to our vendors for doing a fabulous job!

Venue: Bel Air Bay Club
Flowers: Ricardo Luna and Gardens
Rentals and Linens: Ricardo Luna Party Rentals
Cake: Jamaica Cakes
DJ: D.J Miles
Rehearsal Dinner: Huntley Hotel

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