San Fernando Mission engagement session | Milton and Erica

The day I met with Milton and Erica, to photograph their engagement session, was during the heat wave we had this month. Even though it was hot, we had so much fun. Milton and Erica wanted to be photographed at the San Fernando MissionThis was a great choice since I love the Spanish look as much as they do. I met Erica and Milton last year when they were guests at the wedding of I Amber and Julio Now that they are engaged, they need a wedding photographer so they contacted me. Of course, I am so delighted and happy!! Now, here is a bit of the story of how Milton proposed to Erica.

“It was a trip to San Francisco that changed our lives for the best. It was on Friday, June 26, 2009 at around 11:00pm on top of the Twin Peaks to be exact. We were both enjoying the breathtaking views of the city, where it felt like we were “on top of the world” over-looking the 360 degrees of the city. It was then that Milton began telling me his most sincere feelings as he stood behind me and we both admired the beauty of San Francisco. I never imagined he was going to propose that day. We were both over-looking the city when he said, “You and I can reach anything together and that is why, here at the Twin Peaks, the highest point in San Francisco, I want to ask you something . . .” that is when I turned away from the city view to look at him and it was then that I realized he was proposing. He got on his right knee and opened up a ring box which reflected this beautiful sparkling 3-stone diamond ring and asked, “Erica will you marry me?”. I was so happy and surprised that at first I said, “are you kidding???” and he replied, “no, no I’m not”, so he asked again and with a huge smile and tears in my eyes, I replied “ of course I will marry you!!!”. We both hugged and kissed, we were so happy; it was one of the best moments in our lives. From there we heard people clapping and saying congratulations and that’s when we realized we had an audience (it was other tourists that were there). It was a few minutes later that I remembered and asked Milton, “wait what about my parents?”, and he said “don’t worry, they already know”. Milton had spoken to my parents without my knowledge and had asked for my hand in marriage. This made it even more special, I felt like I was having a beautiful dream from which I didn’t want to wake up.”

Erica and Milton are going to have a religious ceremony in Glendale and the reception at the Pasadena City Hall. It is going to be a fantastic affair.

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