Engagement session | The City of Claremont

Now that April it’s almost gone, we are preparing for the upcoming weddings that I will be photographing in May. This time was for Maggie and Mike; sweet as honey and super COOL couple!! We meet at the city of Claremont to do the session. We had a really great time and I was able to capture some sweet and relax moments. Maggie and Mike are getting married next month and they are transforming their house for the reception with white tents; that will give a cozy feeling. I CAN WAIT!!!!
This is how Mike proposed to Maggie:
“Mike and I met in High School and actually had our first date when I was a sophomore in High School!! Unfortunately nothing came of it, but we remained friends throughout high school and kept in touch throughout the years. We were reunited about 4 years ago while out with friends and have been inseparable ever since!!

We had planned on getting away to Palm Springs for a weekend and were planning on heading out on Friday. I woke up Friday morning to smell bacon and eggs being cooked in the kitchen. Mike had gotten up really early and cooked me my favorite breakfast, breakfast burritos!! He had made coffee, gone out and bought flowers and had music playing in the background… while I was eating my breakfast he said he had something he needed to tell me, then he got down on one knee!! He said, Maggie, will you and I didn’t let him finish!! I jumped up from my chair and told him YES! YES, of course!! Then he laughed and said that I hadn’t even seen the ring, I told him it didn’t matter what the ring looked like, all that mattered was we were going to be married! Happiest day of my life!” I specially want to give a HUGE thanks to Elena and Chris Basteiri for referring me to Maggie and Mike.. THANK YOU!!!