Albert and Christina Engagement Session in Burbank


Last year I met with Christina and Albert to talk about their wedding ideas and to select their photographer. They did!! We met in Moorpark in a really rad café. I love these kinds of places, they are funky. Albert is a very kind man and Christina’s smile could melt an igloo. Their wedding will be a very “homemade” event. She is choosing to have apple pie as her wedding cake. What a fun and different approach. Also, they have spent some time making “homemade strawberry jam” as a gift to all of their guests. Their engagement session was one of a kind. Albert wanted to go to
Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Burbank. The restaurant is open 24 hours and they have the very traditional American food. Albert and Christina mentioned the reason they wanted to have their engagement session there. As a kid, Albert and his family used to go on Sundays to eat at Bob’s Big Boy. It was a huge tradition in Albert’s family. Christina and Albert wanted to have something special since they both love that restaurant. As you see, they dress for the era; very 50’s. Thank you guys for putting in the extra effort. You totally made my day!! The reception will be held at Las Posas Country Club and the Sacrament of Marriage at Our Lady of Guadalupe church in Santa Paula.
Some of my favorites of the day.

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