Engagement session in Orange County


This past week has been full of joy because I have been working with wonderful couples soon to be married. Monserrat and Steven are a very adorable couple. They had a very clear vision of what they wanted for their engagement session. They wanted something with a 50’s touch. Here is a bit of history about this session in Steven’s words: “I also wanted to tell you that I went over to my Bedstefar’s house; I am half Danish and Bedstefar is Danish for “father’s father” or grandpa. He had his photo album open and was telling me about the day that he bought the truck in 1959. He took my dad to Watson’s Drug Store for lunch and took a picture of the truck outside of the same diner where you took this picture. I told him everything that we did together and ended with telling him that I asked you to specifically take a picture in the same spot that he did 50 years ago. I saw him get teary-eyed and was just soooooo thankful and happy, you wouldn’t even believe it. I just wanted to let you know that you not only made it great for Monserrat and me, but you brought tears to my Bedstefar’s eyes with just the thought of one picture.” So this truck has lots of history and I love it. Steven chose to restore the 1959 truck all by himself. Monserrat couldn’t be happier with such a wonderful husband-to-be. We are celebrating there wedding at the Secret Garden in Moorpark it’s going to be fantastic!!

This is the fabulous 1959 Orange Truck all restore by Steven..