UCLA and Santa Monica Pier Engagement session


This week has been “cosmic”; I having so much fun! Right now it the time to get all of our engagement sessions done for the weddings that are coming soon. I met Danny and Diana last year. She called me over the phone, one day, from Alabama, where they live right now. She hired me to be part of her awesome wedding team. Since they don’t live here in California, we set the time to meet this week. Diana and Danny picked the school where they met; U.C.L.A. They had a vision of wanting to go to the Carousel at the
Santa Monica pier. When we arrived, it was closed, but luck was on our side because, Diana was able to get the carousel open and they turned on all the lights just for Us. We have a blast!. Thank you Danny and Diana for giving me such a wonderful material to work with. In September we are going to have their wedding. The sacrament of marriage at St Mary Magdalen Chapel. The reception will follow at the Camarillo Ranch house.
Some of my favorites images of the day.. staring at UCLA, ending at Santa Monica Pier.

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