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Photo credit André Maier Photography

Based in Southern California, I have always been a photographer at heart. As a small girl, I used to explore the world through my father’s old 35mm. Seeing life through this lens made sense to me. Spending my days photographing the beauty around me felt right. I pursued this passion for telling stories through pictures and eventually discovered that my true calling was wedding photography. There, I realized, was the most amazing story that could be told, one of unending love, of pure happiness and of families coming together to celebrate the start of something incredible. My pictures honor these feelings. My focus on every single detail ensures that all of the important moments will be eternalized.

Each wedding I photograph is a completely bespoke project. One thing I have learned over the years is that weddings are a reflection of their brides, and every bride I have had the privilege of photographing has had her own flair, her own style and her own vision of how she wants her photo journey to look. Love, friendship, trust, and respect. These are important me, and these values are reflected in the portraits and photos I create. Who I am can be seen in my art and in my craft. I adore my husband—and of course, my pups—love is, therefore, front and center in my work.  I’m also an avid traveler and I can never say no to a stylish pair of shoes. So fun, adventurous, serious and discerning when I need to be, and always fashionable, I am truly a multi-dimensional wedding photographer.


Photography, particularly wedding photography, is about constantly staying educated; it’s about always knowing what the latest technological practices, programs and innovations are, and it’s about applying this knowledge and experience to every project you undertake. To this end, I attend workshops and classes. I go to seminars exchanging ideas and finding out new thought practices when it comes to the world of wedding photography.

ISPWP: The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. This is a listing of the best of the best. You have to earn entry into this esteemed society. My hard work and commitment to me craft paid off.

Fearless Photographers:  I was awarded this designation, this again is an organization whose purpose is to provide a listing of the of world’s finest photographers.

WPPI: I consistently attend this annual conference and expo which gives wedding photographers a chance to get the latest insights and innovations from the country’s leading wedding photography experts.

Wedding photography isn’t just about capturing images, it’s about ensuring that the moments you do capture live on forever. Having laser focus on the details and a strong focus on family are key for me. The joy and surprise on people’s faces. The way a father in that bittersweet way walks his daughter down the aisle. The love and passion in the newly married couple’s expressions. This is what you will want to see and remember in twenty years.

My Philosophy

My approach centers on documenting your day in a very natural and simple way.  I tend toward a romantic style as well as a photojournalistic style that truly make the entire experience unique. Taking advantage of Southern California’s gorgeous natural light, getting those shots that show a more intimate and soulful perspective—these are crucial to creating the ultimate visual mementos. I have been in this industry for ten years now, I instinctively know that perfect photo opportunity as soon as it presents itself.

As unobtrusive as possible, I represent my clients in a professional, personable and most importantly calm way. The wedding day especially can sometime get chaotic. My job is to help you stay grounded and compose amazing images. Every picture I produce speaks of more than just my “job,” it reflects the relationship that I cultivate with my clients. I am here for you. Leading up to the big day, I always answer my calls, texts and emails. The last thing you need to worry about is a wedding photographer who is too busy to respond.  I sincerely care about your needs and about the fluidity of your wedding.  I want you to be able to focus on the moment and focus on having fun. As far as things on my end, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

My heart goes into every picture I take. This is evident in the stunning results. I only use the highest rated photo labs, this in tandem with my editorial style, produce final images which radiate a romantic sensibility, love and the very best quality attainable. More than a wedding photographer, I am an artist. My canvas is your amazing day. The wedding pictures I take along with the creative style I use, ultimately turn that day into the story of your lifetime.